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[S10E3] Oh, Baby! [HOT]

Callie and sleep-deprived Meredith and Derek are trying to get some sleep in the living room of the house in the woods. The baby is crying, and Callie goes to pick him up as Meredith's incision needs to heal. "Hurry up before he wakes up the girls," Meredith says, as we hear Sofia's and Zola's voices too. Callie and Meredith sigh.

[S10E3] Oh, Baby!


Meredith is woken up by the sound of her crying son. She opens her eyes and sees Derek in the doorway, holding the baby. "Shower works better when you're in it. He's hungry, and my nipples are no use to him," Derek says.

While Owen is busy rescheduling surgeries, Callie asks why he's been rescheduling surgeries. He says that he'll tell her at the board meeting that he wants her to call together. Callie leaves as Arizona comes over to ask him about the purchasing freeze on the NICU budget. She mentions they're currently low on baby blankets. "Don't tell me, tell the board," Owen says, and as Arizona walks away, Jackson and Stephanie come over. He tells them that he transferred the patient to Seattle Pres. He then informs Jackson that he scheduled three liposuction surgeries for him to perform.

Derek is wandering around in the hospital. As Owen starts talking, he sees Meredith and starts upbraiding her for leaving the house with the baby while he was asleep. "The woman is wearing mismatched shoes, cut her some slack," Bailey comes to Meredith's defense. They go to check on Richard, and Derek tells her to leave him a note next time. "You look like hell. You know you're in a building full of beds," Owen says, and Derek goes to one of these beds.

In the season eight episode, "The One With The Stain", Rachel starts to look for an apartment for her and her unborn baby, who Ross is the father of, without consulting Joey first. When Ross finally tells him about this, he becomes worried, and decides to sacrifice his sex life in order to help Rachel look after the baby, just as Ross gets her the "good" apartment.

For the next few episodes, Joey's feelings become stronger and stronger. Eventually the group slowly begins to find out, with the exception of Rachel. Joey tries to be comfortable about living with Rachel when she is pregnant with Ross' baby, but in "The One With The Secret Closet", he allows her to move in with Ross to make him more involved in the pregnancy.

  • Season 12 In the second season premier, Ross Matthews gets in two zingers while critiquing the queens' tulle dresses: Ross: (to Jaida) Your dress needs to make like Soju and pop. Michelle: Eww![Later] Ross: (to Rock M): You're like any man on a date with Michelle: you're getting swallowed! (the look on guest judge Robyn's face when he said that was priceless)

  • The first group dedraging for the first time has a few gems: Jackie looks over and reacts with utter disbelief at the revelation that Crystal has a mullet out of drag, muttering "...That's a wig."

  • Nicky asks Crystal what her tattoo says in Arabic, Crystal reveals that she got it at a concert and that it says One Direction, prompting the other queens to stop and look at her in disbelief for the second time since dedragging. Jackie asks Crystal if she speaks Arabic, after a beat of silence the answer is a meek "No!"

  • As the two groups of queens meet, the second group asks the first how they're doing to which Heidi responds with "Blessed and highly favoured."

  • In the third episode, Team Heidi kicks off the challenge with a mix of black comedy and pure absurdity. The result is hysterical, particularly Heidi spitting her dentures.

  • During the Ball Ball challenge, Leslie Jones is a judge. She brought it all.Leslie: (to Widow dressed as a jockey): She done already had HORSES!

  • In addition to grabbing materials to make her dress, Nicky also grabs an entire container of cheeseballs just to snack on. There's even a moment later on in the episode where Nicky is untangling something while Crystal is already breaking into the container for a snack.

  • During the Ball Ball Untucked Crystal asks the other safe queens who they think is in the top. As they hedge their bets, Heidi and Jackie both answer Crystal... while forgetting that they're looking right at her.

  • In the fifth episode, Dahlia's cameo in her infamous fierce Broc-ally costume had Ru cackling the hardest.

  • Vanjie gets brought back for the Snatch Game walkthrough to give the queens advice on what not to do. Almost immediately, she starts hitting on Jackie, saying that she can't be a sugar momma but she can still get Jackie Lunchables. Evidently, Vanjie has a thing for Canadians.

  • In Untucked episode 5, Jan's faces are priceless in the background. It basically mirrors a fan watching the show.

  • A bonus clip of the Queens getting ready for the runway shows what started as a conversation about weather ended with Heidi revealing that she's a dom top.

  • The preview for episode 8 shows Jan snapping at one of the queens about how she hasn't been crying over the fact that she hasn't won a challenge yet. Immediately following that is multiple clips of Jan sobbing just after the Madonna Rusical. A Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment but when Ru gives his "Can I get an amen" line at the end of episode 7, the juxtaposition of Jan about to cry among the other happy queens is hilarious.

  • Michelle commends Jackie for being the only queen to capture her beauty mark in the Michelle Visage runway, only for every single queen on the mainstage to then point theirs out.

  • As they're getting ready for the Rusical, some of the queens are looking around for tooth paint to recreate Madonna's gap. Heidi cuts in with "I already got my gap, keep up."

  • One of the lines in Jan's Madonna verse is "My mother died when I was five years old" and immediately afterwards you can hear Ru cackling "I love it!"

  • Michelle asks Heidi what's holding together her spherical hairdo in the Michelle Visage runway. Her answer? "Hairspray and desperation."

  • In a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment, one of the dancers during Widow's Madonna verse come very close to slipping and falling on his back.

  • After seeing Jaida struggle to get sexy while recording her part of the Rusical, Heidi goes "Maybe Jaida's not the trade of the season. I wonder who is- what if I'm the trade of the season?"

  • During the first act of episode 8, Widow has a speech comparing herself to a spider, only to go overboard and starting talking about laying eggs inside their dead bodies, much to her horror and amusement.

  • Heidi's infomercial: During the walkthrough, Ru mentions the title Heidi's Hydrates being much punchier and as soon as he moves on, Heidi crosses out the original name and writes that down.

  • Heidi lists the ingredients for the moisturizer as "Ssssssilks, and ssssssatins, and real drag queen tears...MINE!" before bending over the small container as she cries into it.

  • Crystal's infomercial: As Crystal is looking for furniture pieces for her commerical she says "we need a table we can do science on."

  • Crystal's definition of "doing science" involves methodically taking a hammer to a couple of mullets.

  • As Crystal is getting ready to do her commercial, she does a goofy dance before suddenly stopping and going "Oh yeah". The way the show has edited the scene makes it hard to tell if that was B-Roll for the commercial or if Crystal was trying to shake out her nerves and forgot what she was doing.

  • Jackie's commercial completes the trifecta of high placements, especially when the same shot of her turning to the camera and going "FOR YOU!" is repeated three times. When Ru asks Chaka Khan if she would buy a merkin, Chaka reveals that she doesn't know what they are. After the judges explain it to her, she replies with a cheerful "That's the best thing I've learned all year!"

  • Widow's The Bride Wore Black runway is an elegant gown with a glamorous crystal veil that she raises to reveal haunting makeup and completely black eyes. Her voice-over for this moment is "Boom! She ain't got no sooouuuuulllll!"

  • While preparing for the political challenge, Jaida and Crystal sit down and try to think of as many political words as they can. They only manage to come up with " probe"

  • When Jackie reveals to Ru that she's not registered to vote, Ru legitimately looked like he was going to throw down before Jackie explained that it was because she, a Canadian citizen, is here on a green card.

  • Jaida continuously refers to guest judge Jeff Goldblum as a dinosaur doctor.


  • Jeff Goldblum makes a complete fool of himself asking Gigi Goode how queens tuck. Gigi won't even throw him a life preserver and just lets him stammer all over the place. Peak Cringe Comedy.Jeff Goldblum (verbatim): How, exactly... 'cause I'm a little unfamiliar... what's- what do y- how- [awkward silence while Gigi knowingly stares at him] ...yeah ...what do you do, exactly? [entire room starts laughing] Is it all tucked- everything is tucked, and you can achieve that..... it's, uh.....?Gigi (barely concealing a smirk): It's not something for, uh, national television right now.

  • In episode 9 Untucked Jaida asks Crystal how she's feeling, Crystal opens with "Hi everyone, it's me."

  • As the queens get to know their partners for the makeover challenge, Jackie watches as Jaida's partner struggles to walk in heels before turning to look at her own partner and smugly go "Oh, you got this."

  • Jaida has a lot of good lines in the Makeover episode: "If you don't win, you aren't coming home"

  • "Crystal and Grace are talking about healing energy and I have no idea what that has to do with drag."

  • "I'm making it my duty to make sure the super fans have a good time, I'm babysitting some kids right now I'm like a Patron Saint"

  • "I feel like I'm a nose surgeon doing a rhinoplasty right now. Like strokes of genius on the nose."

  • After seeing Jackie's makeover partner do a split, Jaida challenges Jackie to do the splits herself. Jackie declines on the grounds that she just had a baby.

  • While on the main stage, Crystal's partner says she can't stop smiling, Ru comments that it's because it's literally painted on her face.

  • The entirety of Jackie's "Kill the Lights" lipsync. In her own words, she's doing a deranged woman who thinks she's being sexy.

  • In Untucked episode 10, Gigi goes "We're fucking in the top six." only to realize how that sounded as she said it. The camera then cuts to several queen's amused reactions, including Heidi's "Wouldn't that be nice."

  • Episode 11 kicks off with a coordinated workroom entrance. Heidi and Jackie frolic in together, arms linked and joyfully talking about how great it is to be the top six (again). The other queens follow in afterwards walking in twos, with disappointed expressions and lackluster clapping.

  • For the puppet mini challenge, Heidi bursts out in laughter upon realizing that she's wearing the same pants as her puppet.

  • During the practice for the One Woman Show, Ru gives Crystal various dance prompts to help with her character (a male stripper). He starts with "What do you think El Debarge would do as a stripper?", and upon being asked to do the "jerk dance", Crystal pantomimes A Date with Rosie Palms. The judges deem Crystal's skit as the stupidest thing they've ever seen before adding "that's how you win the competition" from start to finish, her bit is so absurd it's borderline surreal.

  • Despite some fumbles, Gigi's One Woman Show is quite funny. She continuously calls upon the audience, renames them, and tells them exactly why you're going to hell. "You're wearing distressed denim in 2020, what's wrong with you? Fuck you, Gary."

  • Dahlia Sin once again makes a cameo as the Brocc-Ally, this time as an audience member of the One Woman Show. Ru and Michelle murmur that she's stalking them.

  • Heidi's skit has her introducing family members (as played by herself), including a Totally Radical cousin named Slick. Ross wants to know if Slick is single.

  • Before the final five has a chance to wipe away Heidi's mirror message, the power goes out, leading to many jokes about this being Heidi's doing or the Kill the Lights lip-sync having an impact.

  • As the queens walk into the work room in episode 12, Jackie comes in giving Gigi a piggyback ride while saying "I got the baby."

  • The final five do a showgirls mini challenge: When it's Crystal's turn, Ru throws out the names of some of the absurd dance moves she made for the One Woman Show. Crystal reveals that she's already forgotten the entire routine even though it's only the next day.

  • Jaida's showgirl mini challenge bit has some zingers like "She likes to wear garments made of hopes and dreams so that she can crush them later." and "Why the fuck am I here?", while also rehashing her "Look over there!" catchphrase from the political debate.

  • "Jackie is like...meeping, I don't know what she's doing but it's making me uncomfortable."

  • While getting ready for the show, the queens talk about their initial impressions of each other. Gigi reveals that after seeing Jackie during the Fall and Spring runway she thought that Jackie would be another fashion queen to contend with but quickly changed her mind. Jackie fires back that when Gigi walked in wearing her Pirate Girl outfit, Jackie thought she was a costume queen. Gigi's half drag stare into the camera says it all.

  • Gigi compares Crystal's singing voice to Kermit the Frog...if Kermit smoked a lot of pot.

  • As Jackie does her dance rehearsal, the other queens crack a few jokes that Jackie looks more someone's dad right now than a performer.

  • Jackie reveals that the moment that made her realize Jaida was a fierce competitor was seeing her makeup for the apple character in World's Worst. Jaida is taken back that it was that moment that made Jackie turn a corner.

  • The queens working on their Vegas lyrics is this. A lot of fans found their ditzy conversation to be so off that it sparked a conspiracy theory online that the queens were actually high in that scene. Crystal tells the other queens that she's struggling to think of words that represent her for her verse. In unison, all of the other queens go "Glitter."

  • This exchange:

  • Crystal: "I don't think anyone with my rap skills would be a rapper." Jackie: "I never thought you'd be a stripper but here you are." Crystal: "Exotic dancer. Don't cheapen it." Gigi's complete inability to make a sexy kiss sound creates some comedic attempts.

  • Jaida's recording session: Leland: "Have you ever recorded professionally before?" Jaida: "They would not let me." Leland: "They?" Jaida: "Anyone."

  • The queens spend their final Untucked reminiscing their favorite and shadiest moments until they are interrupted by Joel, the "Five minutes warning, ladies" crew member. Instantly, all of the queens proclaim Joel to be their special guest for the episode and try to get him to come sit down with them. He declines and runs away leading to them jokingly getting up after him and going "No- don't leave us!"

  • The Reunion is much Lighter and Softer than it has been in past seasons, with no real drama between any of the queens that lasted beyond the show. The queens collectively poke fun at fake, forced drama by pretending that Rock was still mad at Jaida for not letting her be the apple, resulting in everyone breaking out in fake arguments before pretending to storm off. The Reunion has a slumber party theme that was decided on by the queens themselves, not production. Even before quarantine, the group was planning to coordinate outfits and let it pass without comment.

  • How has Rock M. Sakura been since the show? Well, she's been holed up in San Francisco, and, well...Rock: Also I've been masturbating so much that my wiener looks like a piece of beef jerky. Unusable. [everyone cracks up]Heidi: [completely straight-faced] ...I love beef jerky.

  • Gigi makes a Continuity Nod to her final runway, starting off the Reunion saying that she finally got her braces off and convinced her parents to let her come to the sleepover.

  • If you look in the background of Gigi's footage, you can see that she has placed large googly eyes on her fireplace.

  • Crystal wears an Ebenezer Scrooge-inspired look for the Reunion, including a candle stick that she commits to holding the entire episode. Ru is shocked that she's still holding it by the end of the episode. Even better, at one point Crystal has difficulty with her lighting situation. Widow jokingly tells her to light the candle and use that, prompting Crystal to pull out a lighter and actually do so, keeping it lit for the remainder of the show.

  • Nicky reveals that she got a lot of teasing from fans for being French, prompting her to ask "Who the fuck is Pee-pee Le Pew?" The other queens rush to correct her pronunciation.

  • During the Reunion, Ru forces all of the queens to do a 'Tuck Check' and make them stand up to see who's actually in drag from the waist down

  • Jackie comments that the only reason why she wasn't lipsyncing in the Madonna challenge was most likely because of Heidi's Michelle Visage runway so Jackie went online and bought the exact dress Michelle wore in that look to give to Heidi.

  • The queens get to do a reading challenge during the Reunion with a lot of zingers: Brita: Dahlia, you sure talk a big game for someone who came in thirteenth place on a twelve-person season. Crystal: Jan, can I barrow a condom from you? I know you're always safe. Widow: Crystal Methyd, you're the prettiest girl on the Planet...of the Apes. Gigi: Jackie, I can always count on you for a shoulder to cry on and a face to file my nails on. Widow: Gigi...I bet not even R. Kelly would piss on you.

  • Gigi really pushes the joke that she and Crystal are dating throughout the episode. Ru asks them about it and aside from dodging the question, Gigi insists that a lot of times when they were very affectionate with each other was just them sharing fruit snacks. Gigi also subtly calls out Ru's crush on Crystal/obsession with her hair.

  • They bring Vanjie on to ask questions, the first thing she wants to know is if Jackie has become single since they last met. As a response, Jackie hasn't forgotten that Vanjie promised her Lunchables and she's waiting for one.

  • Vanjie: Jackie Cox, I have a question. Did you find Vanjie attractive in the workroom? Are you still dating the guy you was dating at the time when Vanjie came to visit you that one time when she came to visit you in the workroom, were y'all still dating together? I just wanna know, for a friend, you know. Crystal takes a moment out of the Reunion to wingman her brother.

  • While each of the queens turn out some amazing looks for the finale, Crystal is dressed as a piñata. Not a piñata inspired look, a literal piñata. That farts confetti.



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