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Mercenarios De Гlite (2020) EXCLUSIVE

Heavy shelling and fighting led to widespread destruction, killing and injuring thousands, including many civilians. Jobs and livelihoods were obliterated and millions were forced to leave their homes.

Mercenarios de Г©lite (2020)

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Still, the decline in Ukraine's grain production has not been as severe as many expected. In 2022, farmers in the country were estimated to have harvested 24.1 million tonnes of wheat, nearly 6 million tonnes lower than the previous year's record harvest but close to the five-year average of 25.3 million tonnes, according to satellite-based analysis by the NASA Harvest Program. Though with the loss of access to land controlled by Russian forces, Ukraine said its grain harvest in 2022 was slashed by about 35 million tonnes from the previous year.

The UK on Wednesday imposed a new round of sanctions "on Russian military and Kremlin elites," including six entities providing military equipment such as drones for Russia's military operation in Ukraine. 041b061a72

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