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Redash: A Powerful Open Source Database Front-End - Download Now

You can register and download our product from here. Try out the product free for 1 month. You can also email us on, we are willing to help customers with free POC and consultation wherein we can help in migrating from your existing ReDash setup to Helical Insight. In the consultation we can help and explain how some thing can be achieved in our product.

download redash

Redash provides a provisioning script for Ubuntu 16.04. They also provide images for AWS, Google Compute Cloud and Docker. But, they have discontinued Amazon Linux AMI support and no provisioning scripts are available for CentOS. If you are running a production environment, it is often advisable to get along with the platform supported by redash.

At last you have to rebuild the docker image (if you are using docker deployment) of redash and restart both server and worker of it. Currently, the redash-kylin plugin only supports the current stable version of redash (3.0.0) and 2.x version of Apache Kylin.

We manage the source code for redash-ui-tests with the git versioncontrol system and host it on GitHub. You might have git alreadyinstalled on your system, but if you don't see the downloadspage.

The redash instance must be setup before running the tests. Start the imagesdocker-compose up -d in the root of the directory in which the projectwas downloaded to. This will download the images if you don't have them. Itwill also start the container in the background. You can view the status ofthe containers via docker-compose ps. You can also stop the dockercontainer by running docker-compose stop.

The map functionality in Redash requires a latitude and longitude so you need to be able to map from a UK postcode to latitude and longitude coordinates. To do this download from and unzip it, you now have a CSV file of the UK postcodes and their latitudes and longitudes.

So we wanted to provide this brief overview to help you decide if Metabase would be a good replacement for you. The fastest way to get to know Metabase is to download it and try it out, or to start a free Metabase Cloud trial. You can quickly and easily connect to your own data, or just play around the with Sample Dataset included with Metabase.

I have a problem I would like to create on redash a dataSource to a database on oracle but there is a problem that pure redash does not offer this, so I try using the configuration from this git Unfortunately every time I fire up the image build something crashes eg.

Within Synapse workspace, I am able to access external table data (as it uses my AD credentials). However, it doesn't work from an external platform, redash in this case. In order to access data from redash, I created a db user and this is where I think I am missing a step to somehow grant this user to access database scope credentials.

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yanagishima is a web application for Trino. yanagishima providesthe ability to execute query, show query, kill query, bookmarkquery, search table, share query/query result, format query,download as CSV/TSV file, insert chart, substitute query parameter,and so on.

Redash is an excellent tool to quickly build stunning dashboards to present your data. I use it to visualize data from my PostgreSQL databases for various projects, with the reliance in containers being a bit of a letdown for me. This post collects some notes on deploying redash as a group of standalone processes governed by systemd on my Linux servers. I can even run multiple instances on a single box, which is useful for testing new code versions or providing fully separate dashboards to different projects.

This is a good time to place the bash-production-virtualenv file from my github repo into redash/. This file will take care of activating the Python virtual environment when systemd launches the services.

Update: The one-click-deployment fails right now, probably because the blueprint downloads the latest version of redash (v10 now). Redash v10 requires at least 4 GB of RAM memory, but the blueprint specify a standard web service which only has 2 GB of RAM.

Version 5 is easier to install thanks to a new built-in web modeler, eliminating the need to download and install Camunda Modeler separately. For those wanting to install on Kubernetes, there are now templates to greatly simplify the process.


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